Looking to advance your career?
If you would like to move into a more senior position, shift from a staff role to managing a P&L, or be considered as a potential CEO, it’s worth having a comprehensive plan in place to make it happen.

Start with these crucial steps:

Understand your world of opportunities 
Map out your objectives, taking a broad perspective on opportunities in a range of sectors that might be relevant to you, developing a good understanding of how executive search works, and updating your CV to show how your skills match the needs of the employers you'd like to target.

Get on the radar
Take targeted, proactive steps to be visible as a potential candidate. Communicate your ideas – discreetly of course – to people who might be able to help, put yourself forward for speaking appointments and make sure you're represented in the best possible light on Linked In and AESC Blue Steps.

Prepare prepare prepare 
When you're talking to an executive search firm, treat them as you would a prospective employer – because that's who they're representing. Treat every conversation as an audition by presenting yourself professionally and doing enough research to ensure you have a thoughtful answer for every question that comes your way.

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