Top 10 tips for effective interviews
01 An interview is an interview
If your first meeting is with an executive search consultant, remember that they are representing your prospective employer, and treat the meeting as you would a real interview.
02 Information is power
Research the job, the organisation and the culture before you meet the Consultant, so that you can answer questions.
03 Accentuate the positive
Be confident and enthusiastic, avoid giving negative responses and do not criticise your previous employers.
04 Assume nothing
Unless your interviewers demonstrate that they understand your achievements, highlight them firmly yet modestly, in line with the selection criteria.
05 Present the facts
Prepare some intelligent and relevant questions, so that you are ready when prompted. Failing to do so may suggest lack of interest.
06 Look the part
Dress for the part.
If in doubt, go conservative – but be yourself.
07 Be at your best
Schedule your interview for when you are at your best. Allow plenty of time to arrive early and in good shape. Hot and hurried is no way to make a good first impression.
08 Back yourself
Look organised and in control by bringing everything you need to substantiate your statements, including resume, references, and if appropriate, performance evaluations.
09 Walk the talk
Support your words with positive body language. Smile, shake hands firmly, look interviewers in the eye, sit up attentively and lean forward with interest.
10 End on a high
Stay positive throughout the interview, and depart with a professional handshake and goodbye.
For more information about positioning yourself effectively in interviews, talk to the Executive Auditions team.